• Reschedule: If the booking needs to be cancelled due to COVID-19 we can work with you to reschedule your stay and can do this multiple times if necessary free of charge. Point to Note: Pre-COVID the Deposit Payment was usually 30% of reservation total. The new COVID-Deposit is reduced down to 20% of reservation total. This Deposit Payment will be carried over to your Rescheduled dates - no additional amount needs to be paid for Rescheduled dates.

  • Cancel: If Rescheduling the reservation is not possible then refunds are aimed to be issued within 31 days of the reservation departure date.

Point to Note: From the 1st January 2021, as the balancing reservation payment is not paid unless the booking is going ahead, the only payment you will have made will have been the new lower Deposit Payment of 20% which is refundable for COVID-19 cancellations as well as some other cancellations stated at the time of booking.

For information regarding cancellations for bookings placed prior to 1st January 2021 please click here